Guangzhou ZIO Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in the spring of 2005. We specialize in food additive, cosmetic chemicals and specialty chemicals. Our mainly products include preservative, acidity regulators, sweeteners, antioxidants, thickeners, emulsifiers, flavors, nutrition enhancers, vitamins and food pigment etc. Products are widely used in food, cosmetic, toy, pigment, detergent, rubber and electroplating industries, etc.

We supply high quality products and thoughtful after-sale service, as well as technical support. We keep pace with the market trend and the latest technology of chemical field, so that our products can meet the requirements of our end users. We will try our best to supply the best products with best price!

Our company is located in Dongpu Town of Guangzhou, where have very convenient access to the metro Line 4, and only nine kilometers away from Guangzhou East Railway Station, and five kilometers away from Pazhou Pavillion of Canton Fair.


We are a private owned company, specialized in the manufacturing and and export business of all kinds of food additives and fine chemicals. With more than 13 years experience in the field of food additive and fine chemicals, we provide high quality materials and necessary technical support to our customers. We keep pace with the market trend and advanced technology, so that our product can meet the requirements of our end users.

Now we produce ascorbic acid, citric acid, mannitol, sorbitol, vitamins, neotame and many other food ingredients. Most of our products meet the quality standard BP/USP/EP or FCC. We provide COA, MSDS, ISO, SGS, GMP certificates for most of our products. Widely used in the field of candy, drinks, confectionary and bakery production, our products can not only improve the taste of the food, but also enhance the nutrition value. We have exported our products to the world market over the past 13 years. Hope we can work together to achieve a win-win business and create a better future!

Menthol  CRYSTAL

Menthol Cryatal is often used as a flavoring agent in toothpaste; perfume; beverages and sweets. It is also used as a stimulant in medicine, acting on the skin or mucous membranes, with a cooling and itching effect.

Oral medicine can be used as a wind-repellent medicine for headache and nose; pharyngeal; laryngeal inflammation.

Its esters are used in fragrances and medicines.



Taurine is a conditionally essential amino acid for the human body and plays an important role in the development of the fetal and infant nervous systems.Taurine has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, enhances immune function, regulates vascular tone, etc., and has many clinical uses.

Add proper amount of taurine to milk and milk powder, its nutritional value can be close to breast milk. Taurine can also be used as high-quality additives for food and beverages for pilots, astronauts, athletes, etc., to enhance physical fitness and relieve fatigue. In addition, taurine is added to animal feed as a feed additive to prevent and treat fish diseases and brighten the eyes of pets such as cats and dogs.



Flavor is an essential food additive in the food industry.This is based on the fragrance of natural foods, using natural and natural equivalent spices, synthetic spices carefully prepared into various flavors with natural flavors.It is suitable for beverages, biscuits, cakes, frozen foods, candy, seasonings, dairy products, canned food, wine and other foods.