Application of malic acid

- Nov 29, 2018-

1. Application in food industry

L - malic acid as the important component of natural fruit juices, acidity compared with citric acid (sour taste better than citric acid 20%), but the taste is soft (higher buffer index), special fragrance, don't damage the mouth and teeth, metabolic amino acid absorption and no accumulation of fat, citric acid, is the new generation of food by biologists and nutrition known as "the most ideal food acidity agent." Since 2013 citric acid has been replaced in food for the elderly and children.

L-malic acid is a necessary organic acid for human body, and it is also an ideal food additive with low calories. When 50% l-malic acid is Shared with 20% citric acid, it can present strong natural fruit flavor.

Soft drinks (all kinds of cool drinks) : soft drinks made with l-malic acid are thirst quenching and refreshing, with malic acid taste and close to natural juice. Some large domestic food companies, such as wahaha group and jianlibao group, began to use l-malic acid in drinks.

L-malic acid is a circulating intermediate of biological tricarboxylic acid. It tastes close to natural juice and has a natural fragrance. Compared with citric acid, l-malic acid has lower calories and better taste. It is one of the organic acids with the largest consumption and better development prospects in the world food industry.

L-malic acid contains natural emollient ingredients, which can easily dissolve the "glue" binding between the dry scale-like dead cells, so as to remove wrinkles on the skin surface and make the skin become tender, white, bright and elastic. Therefore, it is favored in cosmetics formula. L-malic acid can be used to prepare a variety of flavors and spices for a variety of daily chemical products, such as toothpaste, shampoo, etc. Compared with citric acid, l-malic acid has a mild and unique sour taste. Therefore, it is used as a new type of detergent additive instead of citric acid in foreign countries to synthesize high-grade special detergents.

L-malic acid can be used to treat liver disease, anemia, low immunity, uremia, hypertension, liver failure and other diseases, and can reduce the toxic effect of anticancer drugs on normal cells; It can also be used to prepare and synthesize insect repellent, anti-tartar agent and so on.

2. Application in pharmaceutical industry

Malic acid can present fruity taste in various tablets and syrups, and is conducive to absorption and diffusion in vivo. It is often combined with compound amino acid injection to improve the utilization rate of amino acid. Its sodium is an effective drug for treating liver insufficiency, especially hypertension. L-malate potassium is a good potassium supplement, it can maintain the body's water balance, treatment of edema, hypertension and fat accumulation, etc..

L-malic acid can be used in pharmaceutical preparations, tablets and syrups, and can also be added into amino acid solution to significantly improve the absorption rate of amino acids. L-apple can be used to treat liver disease, anemia, low immunity, uremia, hypertension, liver failure and other diseases, and can reduce the toxic effect of anticancer drugs on normal cells, but also used in the preparation and synthesis of insect repellent, anti-tartar agent. In addition, l-malic acid can also be used as industrial cleaning agent, resin curing agent, synthetic material plasticizer, feed additive.

3. Application in daily chemical industry

L -- zinc malate is used in toothpaste as antibacterial stains agent, anti-calculus agent, synthetic flavor formula and so on.

The effect that protects skin respect

Malic acid: gently remove excess cutin from old waste and strengthen skin metabolism.

Apple extract: effectively reduces wrinkles and tightens skin, awakens tired skin and makes dull skin even and bright.

Witch hazel extract: oil control, calm, soothe, help skin regeneration.

Hops extract: deeply moisturizes and prevents skin aging.

Apple tight pore contraction water has the effect of regulating skin oil secretion and enhancing pore fineness. Suit pore very thick and large skin, give oil place to the more serious in the light of, still can use the means that make up cotton is local wet apply, will achieve the maintenance effect that tighten sends pore

4. Application in chemical industry

It can be used as one of the synthetic raw materials of descaling agent and fluorescent whitening agent. Added to shellac or other varnishes to prevent coating, the polyester resin and alkyd resin produced with this acid are plastics for special purposes.

Health care function

L-malic acid is an important intermediate product of the body's tricarboxylation cycle, and there is only l-malic acid dehydrogenase in the body, so l-malic acid must be used from the perspective of structure and actual physiological environment. This is also the reason why some western developed countries prefer l-malic acid. For example, the United States has clearly stipulated that DL -malic acid cannot be used in infant food, beverage and medicine, but l-malic acid must be used.

In terms of the role food plays in maintaining life, it is essentially involved in metabolism and energy conversion. Protein, lipid, saccharide should pass 3 carboxylic acid cycle to oxidize to offer energy finally, this is the last step of transforming a process, also be the most important step, whether to concern human body physiology function is normal. In this way, we can combine food and health organically. And the health care effect of malic acid is to prevent the human body due to the lack of l-malic acid lead to abnormal tricarboxylic acid circulation, resulting in metabolic disorders.

L-malic acid is biologically active and widely exists in organisms, but the amount of it varies from person to person. As the saying goes, "food and medicine have the same origin", the following L -- malic acid and related products have the health care effect in food therapy:

A, as A result of malic acid in substance metabolic pathways of special location, can be directly involved in the metabolism of human body, directly absorbed by human body, achieve within A short period of time the body to provide energy, eliminate fatigue, have the effect of anti-fatigue, quickly restores the physical strength of malic acid resistance to fatigue, protect liver, kidney, heart function can develop health drink.

B, the normal operation of metabolism can make all sorts of nutrition material decompose smoothly, promote food to absorb metabolize inside human body, low quantity of heat, can prevent fat effectively, can have the effect that reduce weight.

C. The addition of malic acid to the drug can increase its stability and promote the absorption and diffusion of the drug in the human body; In the production of compound amino acid transfusion is the use of L - malic acid this function and use it to adjust pH value, at the same time as a component of the mixed amino acid infusion, can improve the utilization rate of amino acid, used in the treatment of uremia, such as high blood pressure and reducing anti-cancer drugs on normal cells, put, after chemotherapy drugs used in cancer, used in burn treatment can promote wound healing.

D, l-malic acid can promote ammonia metabolism, reduce blood ammonia concentration, have a protective effect on the liver, and is a good medicine for the treatment of hyperaminemia caused by liver dysfunction, liver failure, liver cancer, especially liver dysfunction.

E, l-malic acid, as one of the basic liquid components for the treatment of heart disease, is used to supplement K+ and Mg2+, maintain the energy metabolism of myocardium, and play a protective role in the ischemic myocardium layer of myocardial infarction.

F, l-malic acid is the stabilizer of calcium lactate injection, and can also be used as the precursor of anticancer drugs and animal growth promoter.

G. Anti-tartar, malic acid has the characteristics of high acidity, soft taste, unique fragrance and weak corrosion and damage effect of malic acid. The corresponding enamel wear volume loss is small, and it does not damage the mouth and teeth.

H. It can improve the energy metabolism of brain tissue and adjust the neurotransmitters in the brain, which is conducive to the recovery of learning and memory function and has obvious improvement effect on learning and memory

I. melatonin (MT) is a kind of indoles hormone secreted mainly by the pineal gland and has a variety of biological activities. Since its artificial synthesis and as a health food on the market, domestic and foreign research upsurge. A large number of animal experiments and clinical studies have shown that melatonin has a good sedative and hypnotic effect. L-malic acid is an ideal inhibitor of glutamate decarboxylase. Melatonin hypnosis is associated with glutamate decarboxylase, l-malic acid may reduce sleep and increase arousal.

J, l-malic acid has a protective effect on human vascular endothelial cells and a resistance to the effect of injury to endothelial cells.

K, CCM is an ideal calcium preparation with high biological activity, can effectively supplement calcium in the case of adequate supply of other nutrients, using CCM as a calcium source of feed can ensure and promote the growth and development of small animals.