Production method of potassium Sls acid

- Nov 29, 2018-

1. The main use is Chinese and French.The Sls acid is used as raw material to react with potassium carbonate or potash hydroxide.

2. Add Sls acid to the reaction kettle, then add the water of Sls acid mass 66%, and add 49% potassium hydroxide solution to 45 ℃, until the reaction solution ph=8, the reaction takes about 45min. Add a certain amount of activated carbon, vacuum filtration, in the 40~45℃ of the filter decompression evaporation 3~4h to meet the requirements after heating up to 70 ℃ discharge. After centrifugal dehydration crystallization, mother liquor recovery, and finally under 105 ℃ drying to obtain the product.