Amino Acid - Glycine

- Aug 29, 2019-

Amino acetic acid, Glycine and non-essential amino acids for human body. Name abbreviations: Glycine is the simplest amino acid series structure, the body is not required an amino acid, both acidic and basic functional groups in the molecule, can be ionized in the water, has a strong hydrophilic, belong to the polar amino acid, soluble in polar solvent, and difficult to soluble in nonpolar solvent [1], and has high boiling point and melting point, through the regulation of acid and alkaline aqueous solution, can make the glycine presents different molecular forms.


1.The food-grade Glycine

It is used as a flavoring or sweetness because it is sweet. In combination with sodium glutamate, DL-alanine, or citric acid, it can be used in alcoholic beverage; as a acid corrector or buffer for the composition of wine and soft beverage; as an additive for the making of salted vegetables and sweet jams; as an additive for the making of sausage,vinegar and fruit juice, in order to improve the flavor and taste of food, to retain its original color and to provide a source of sweet;

It can be used in food processing, brewing process, meat processing ingredient as well as in saccharin sodium in order to remove bitterness.

2.The medical-grade Glycine

It is mainly used in amino acid injection solution as nutritional infusion. It can be used to patients who have digestive malfuntion, or long consumptive diseases, and urgently need nutritional supplement, including those who have gastroenterotomia, severe traumatic infection, severe burns, cancer, or liver-kidney failure. It also can be used as a nutritional supplement before or after surgical operations;

It can be used in reseach on the metabolism of amino acids by medical organisms or on a biochemical basis.

3.The industrial-grade Glycine

It can be used as a solvent for removing CO2 in the fertilizer industry, as an additive to the electroplating solution, as a pH regular,and as an intermediate of pesticides,e,g,a key raw material for herbicide glyphosate.