Food Antioxidant-BHA

- Jul 25, 2019-


BHA, white or light yellow crystalline substance, 48 ~ 63 °C, melting point the boiling point of 264 ~ 270 °C (98 KPa), is high concentration phenol smell, slightly soluble in ethanol (25 g / 100 mL, 25 °C), propylene glycol, grease, insoluble in water. BHA for thermal stability, under the condition of weak base is not easy to be destroyed, and the effect of metal ions.

BHA is a kind of very good antioxidant, no toxicity when effective concentration. As a food antioxidant, can hinder the oxidation of the grease food, delay the time of food began to corrupt. The maximum dosagein the food shall not be more than 0.2 g/kg. Can make the cosmetics antioxidants, in acid, hydroquinone, a sulfur amino acids, lecithin and sulfide 2 antioxidant effect on propionic acid and so on. Can also be feed antioxidant.

BHA as fat-soluble antioxidants, suitable grease food and fat food. Because of its good thermal stability, so it can be used under the condition of Fried or baked. BHA have stronger antioxidant effect for animal fat , for unsaturated vegetable fats antioxidant effect is poorer.



(1) BHA can be stable raw beef pigment and inhibit the oxidation of ester compounds.

(2) BHA combine with sodium tripolyphosphate and ascorbic acid could delay frozen pork chops deterioration.

(3) BHA can stabilize the color of the pepper and chili powder, to prevent the oxidation of walnuts, peanuts and other food. Add the BHA baked oil and salt, can keep baked goods and salty aroma of peanut. Extend the shelf life of baked goods.

(4) BHA can be used mixed with other fat-soluble antioxidants, its effect is better. Such as BHA and dibutyl hydroxy toluene used to protect the carp, chicken, pork chops and frozen smoked pork slices.

(5) with BHA or dibutyl hydroxy toluene, propyl gallic acid and citric acid added mixed and add into butter of candy, used to make candy inhibits oxidation.