Glyceryl Monostearate GMS

- Aug 27, 2019-

Glyceryl monostearate is a wide range of food additives, enzymatic synthesis has a high conversion rate, and good specific characteris

Glyceryl monostearate (hereinafter referred to monoglyceride) is a kind of oil chemical product. Its widely used in food and daily chemical industry.  It also can be used as lubricant agent in producing PVC transparent particles, as emulsifier for Cream Cosmetics, as anti fogging agent in producing agricultural plastic films and as antistatic agent in producing packaging films.


Emulsification, dispersion, defoaming, foaming, anti-starch aging and control of fat agglutination, it is applied as the additive of sweet, ice cream, cakes and bread.

1. It is applied in chocolate, sweet and ice cream to prevent granulated sugar crystallization and separation of oil and water and enhance the smoothness and luster.

2. It is applied in margarine to stabilize the emulsion.

3. It is applied in cream toffee and toffee to enhance the emulsification.

4. It is applied in bread to improve bread structure, enhance its softness and volume and extend quality guarantee period.