Guar Gum Food Grade Or Industrial Grade

- Dec 30, 2019-

Guar gum is a highly purified natural polysaccharide extracted from guar beans widely grown in the Indian subcontinent. Because of its unique molecular structure and natural properties, it has quickly become a new type of environmental friendly paper additives. It is also widely used in food, oil, medicine and other fields.

Appearance is a free flowing powder from white to yellowish. It can be dissolved in cold water or hot water. After water, it forms colloidal material to achieve quick thickening effect.

In food additives

Mainly divided into food grade and industrial grade (oil field belongs to industrial level) two kinds. General export packing is 25KG/ bag, outer layer kraft paper, inner PE film bag.

In cosmetic in Hair

Used as a conditioner for hair and skin, as an antistatic agent and thickener, for shampoos and conditioners

Papermaking additive

Studies have shown that guar gum can meet the requirements of modern factory zero discharge. It can maintain or increase the evenness of the sheet while retaining and filtering the paper. It is a promising environmental protection additive.