L-Lysine HCL

- Oct 30, 2019-

L-Lysine HCL is one of the most widely used amino acid. It is an essential amino acid required in the diets of swine, poultry and most other animal species. It is mainly produced by fermentation using strains of corynebacteria, especially Corynebacterium glutamicum, which comprises a multi-step process including fermentation, cell separation by centrifugation or ultrafiltration, product separation and purification, evaporation and drying. Because of L-Lysine great importance, efforts are constantly being made in order to improve the fermentation processes, comprising strain and process development as well as media optimization and downstream processing are used for the production of L-lysine and other L-amino acids, operation in mixing tank or air lift fermenters. 

1. Food grade: nutritional enhancer,used for seasoning in mayonnaise,milk,instant noodles food. 

2. Medcine grade:preparation for compound amino acid transfusion,improve efficiency of drugs. 

3. Feed grade: make poultry nutrition balance, improve meat quality and productivity.