L-lysine HCL Feed Grade

- Mar 04, 2020-

White or almost white free liquid crystalline powder. Almost odourless. 263 ~ 264 ℃ melting and decomposition. Usually relatively stable, stable high humidity below 60%, more than 60% dihydrate is generated. Coexist with vitamin C and vitamin K3, light color. Alkaline conditions and directly with the reducing sugar in the presence of heat decomposition. 40 g/ml, soluble in water (35 ℃), aqueous solution is neutral to slightly acid, and phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, ion exchange resin, such as heating together, racemic role. For essential amino acid lysine, cannot be synthesized in the body, such as a lack of will cause the protein metabolism disorder and dysfunction and lead to growth disorder, hypoplasia, weight loss, loss of appetite, protein in the blood, reduce, etc. Type D - lysine no physiological effect.

Nutritional supplements. Lysine in fortified foods. Rye, rice, corn, peanut powder contains lysine to restrict such as amino acid, wheat, sesame, oats contain lysine is the first limiting amino acid. Can be used in mayonnaise, milk, instant noodles, food, etc. Can also be used as a seasoning, in order to improve the flavor.