Lactic Acid Liquid

- Sep 19, 2019-

Lactic acid (IUPAC name: 2 - hydroxy acrylic acid) is a kind of compounds, which play a role in a variety of biochemical processes.It is a kind of carboxylic acid, molecular formula is C3H6O3.It is a containing hydroxy carboxylic acid, thus is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA).In the aqueous solution of its carboxyl release a proton, and produce lactic acid ions CH3CHOHCOO -.In the process of fermentation lactic acid dehydrogenase converting pyruvate sinistral lactic acid.

L Lactic Acid Application:

(1) Food industry. Mainly used for food, beverage as sour agent, antiseptic and taste regulator.

(2) Pharmaceutical industry: lactic acid lactic acid is a kind of important pharmaceutical intermediates, used for producing erythromycin Lin's fluid infusion.

(3) The cosmetics industry: can nourish skin, keep wet agent, update, PH regulator etc.

(4) Pesticide industry: lactic acid high biological activity of soil and crop, non-toxic, can be used in the production of new pesticide, environmental protection.

(5) The tobacco industry: moderate join lactic acid, can improve the quality of tobacco, and maintain the humidity of tobacco.

(6) Other industries: besides above purposes, lactic acid is used to produce biodegradable plastics, poly lactic acid and green solvent - lactic acid methyl ethyl lactate, etc.