Mannitol Food Grade Or Pharmaceutical Grade

- Dec 25, 2019-

Mannitol(D-Mannitol) is a type of functional sugar alcohl with excellent performance.Its molecular formula is C6H14O6 and molecular weight is 182.17 .It is nonhygroscopic,odorless,white or colorless crystal powder.It can be wedely used in pharmaceutical,food,and other industries.

1) As an kind of sweetner, mannitol is ususally used in sugar free chewing gum, chocolate coat of ice cream and sugar, beverage, syrup and other food.

2) As a diuretic medication, used to remove extra fluid from your bloodstream, and to increase urine output.

3) Mannitol is used along with certain chemotherapy drugs, to prevent kidney damage. 

4) It may also be used to reduce fluid pressure in the brain for patients with brain cancers.