Mannitol Powder For Ice Cream

- Aug 30, 2019-

Mannitol powder is a diuretic medication, used to remove extra fluid from your bloodstream, and to increase urine output. Mannitol is used along with certain chemotherapy drugs, to prevent kidney damage. It may also be used to reduce fluid pressure in the brain for patients with brain cancers.


Pharmaceutical Industry:
Antihypertensive reagent,diuretic,dehydrating reagent,laxative lapactic;Excipient and filler for tablets.Synthesize mannitol oleic ester.
Food Industry:
Sweetener in sugar free chewing gum Chocolate coat of ice cream and sugar Beverage,syrup and other food
Other applications:
Toothpaste industry instead of glycerol
Synthesize mannitol rigid poly urethane foam
Synthesize mannitol oleate
Electronic solution for electrolytic capacitor
Microorganisms culturing medium