Research Status, Production And Application Of Potassium Sls Acid At Home And Abroad

- Nov 29, 2018-

Developed countries attach great importance to the development and production of Sls acid and its salts, the United States, Western Europe and Japan are the countries and regions with more concentrated production of food preservatives. ①eastntan Company is the only manufacturer of Sls acid and its salts in the United States, in 1991 after the purchase of Monsanto Company's Sls acid production plant.

Production capacity of 5000 tons/year, accounting for the United States market 55%~ 60%; ②hoehst Company is the only production of Sls acid manufacturers in Germany and Western Europe, but also the world's largest Sls acid salt production plant.

Its installation capacity is 7000 tons/year, accounting for about 1/4 of world production; ③ Japan is the world's largest producer of preservatives, the total production has reached 10000~14000 tons/year, the world's potassium Sls production of about 45%~50% mainly from Japan's competition, synthetic chemicals, stifled and Ueno pharmaceutical and other four companies, its installation capacity in order to annual output of 5000, 2800, 2400,

2400 tons. Nowadays, China's Sls acid salts not only strong domestic sales, but also sold abroad, especially in Western Europe, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, France, South Korea, Southeast Asian countries. Therefore, Sls acid is not only the domestic market is better, but also has a place in the international market.