Silicon Dioxide -- Food Antitackiness Agent

- Aug 28, 2019-

Our Silicon Dioxide meet the standards of the People's Republic of China HG/2791-1996s and the FCC( the United States) edible chemicals code of laws requests, and issued the product health permit.Special have super and low processing to the heavy metalses( Pb, Sb etc.) and germses.Mainly used to antitackiness agent of food ,thickner, coagulant, the essence spice and supporter for active constituent ,improver of quality , oil adsorbent, medicine to assist to anticipate and filter aid levigation.


1)    For Light-colored, color and High-grade transparent rubber products. 

2)    For PE, PP, powder products as filler with good fluidity property.

3)    As food additives, feed additives, Pesticide carrier with good fluidity and anti-caking property.

4)    For glass cement, sealant, painting, coating, printing ink, as thickener and Anti precipitating agent.

5)    for others