Sodium Saccharin 8-12 Mesh Food Grade

- Jun 12, 2020-

Sodium saccharin is a sweet taste agent, its sweet degree is about 500 times than that of sugar. It is widely used in foodstuff, drinks, medicines, feed, eletricity plating ect industries. It's harmless to the human body and it's can not absorpted by the body. Because it can be discharged completely through metabolism.

1. Food: cold drink, beverage, jelly, Popsicle, pickles, confectionery, pastry, cold fruit, protein sugar, etc. It is used in the food industry and diabetes mellitus to make sweet food, commonly used artificial sweetener.

2. Feed additive: pig feed, sweet agent, etc.

3. Electroplating industry: electroplating grade saccharin sodium is mainly used in electroplating nickel, which is used as a brightener. Adding a small amount of sodium saccharin can improve the brightness and softness of nickel plating. General usage: 0.1--0.3 g per liter.