Sorbitol Powder

- Sep 20, 2019-


Sorbitol Powder is sugar free sweetener. Sorbitol Powder is derived from sugar and still considered as carbohydrate but have less caloric content. and in most cases have difference physical and chemical properties compare to sugar products. Since polyols have reduced caloric content compare to sugar products. Sorbitol Powder is widely used in sugar free or reduce sugar product to replace sucrose or corn syrup.  And have been used in confectionary, foods, oral care, Nutrition bar, pharmaceutical.

1. Can be used to produce vitamin C raw materials, sorbitol fermentation and chemical synthesis can be obtained vitamin C. It can also be used as a raw material for industrial surfactants. It can be used to produce surfactants and tweens.
2. Nutritional sweeteners, humectants, chelating agents and stabilizers. It is a special sweetener with moisturizing function. In the human body does not convert to glucose, insulin control, suitable for diabetics.
3. Synthetic resins and plastics, separation and analysis of low boiling point oxygenated compounds.
4. Used as a GC stationary liquid for the separation and analysis of low-boiling oxygenates, amines, nitrogen or oxygen heterocycles.
5. For toothpaste, cosmetics, tobacco conditioning agent.
6. Diuretic dehydration agent. For the treatment of cerebral edema and increased intracranial pressure, intraocular pressure for the treatment of glaucoma increased, also used for normal edema of heart and kidney function, oliguria.
Aquatic aquasorb The ratio of sucrose 2.1% + sorbitol 3.15% + complex phosphate 1.00% can effectively reduce the water activity of dried fish fillets and increase the activity of Ca-ATPase.