Sorbitol Solution, Sorbitol 70%, Sorbitol Syrup

- Apr 22, 2020-

Sorbitol(Sorbitol 70%) is a kind of non-sugar sweetener made from high quality dextrose via hydrogenation and refining. It is less sweet than sucrose and can't be absorbed by some bacteria. It also has the good characteristics of better moisture retention, acid resistance and non-ferment. It is widely used in many industries such as pharmacy, non-sugar food, function food, beverage, cosmetic, chemical industries etc.

1) Add a little bit of gum, candy to keep food soft, improve tissue and reduce hardening of sand.

2) Used in bread and cakes for water retention purposes.

3) Used in sweets and food to prevent stale in the logistics process, but also to chelate metal ions.

4)Used in canned beverages and wines to prevent the introduction of food turbidity due to metal ions.