Stearic Acid 1801, C18

- Oct 21, 2019-

Stearic acid is white flaky or lumpish. Saturated fatty acid mainly with C16 and C18, not dissolved in water, slightly dissolved in benzene and carbon bisulfide, and easily dissolved in hot alcohol. No smell no poison. It has the general chemical properties of organic carboxylic acid.


1.Metallic salts, lubricant and plasticizer in plastic industry.

2.the curing active ingredient, the softener, the dispersing agent in the rubber industry.

3.raw materials for different wax, like candle wax, tea wax etc.

4.the softening cream, cold cream in the cosmetics greasy raw materials.

5.the softening agent in the paper industry.

6.the emulsifier, the dispersing agent, the quality modifier in food industry.