Taurine For Energy Drinks

- Sep 11, 2019-

Taurine, 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid, is an organic acid that has a variety of functions as a constituent of bile and in osmoregulation,cell membrane stabilization, antioxidation and early development of visual, muscular and neural systems. Taurine is not an amino acid, since it lacks a carboxyl group and has not been found within any known protein structure, but is often classified as an amino acid.

Taurine exists naturally in animals, including oysters, mussels and fish, but is not found in most plants. Consequently, supplementation of taurine in diets for select species of fish containing high levels of alternative proteins may be necessary. As a chemical reagent for food additives, taurine is added to cat food, chicken feed, energy drinks, infant formula, dietary supplements, cosmetics, inert ingredients in pesticides and pharmaceuticals.


1. Help to maintain the brain function and accelerate & upgrowth the brain of baby and children;

2. It plays an important role in the maintenance of normal vision;

3. It could accelerate the growth of the nervous system;

4. It could accelerate the digestion of fat and plays a role in gall bile metabolization;

5. It plays a role in endocrine balance, and it could adjust and protect the body’s cardiovascular system;

6. It could improve the immune system and help the growth of the body.