The Application Of Trehalose In Cosmetics

- Mar 27, 2019-

The application of trehalose in cosmetics is based on its excellent properties of maintaining cell viability and biological macromolecule activity. 

Skin cells, especially epidermal cells in the high temperature, cold, dry, strong UV radiation and other environments, easily lose moisture keratinization,and even death off the skin damage. In this case, trehalose can form a special protective film on the cell surface.

The mucus deposited on the membrane not only moistens the skin cells, but also radiates external heat.

Thus protecting the skin from damage. As people's understanding of the function and function of trehalose,trehalose as a new generation of super moisturizing factor will become a hot consumer cosmetics market.

Many domestic and foreign manufacturers have successfully added trehalose to cosmetics. 

Super sunscreen moisturizing factor - trehalose

Trehalose, a natural carbohydrate found in many desert plants, forms a glassy matrix when plants dry up and protects their internal structure until rainwater comes and plants miraculously "die" and revive .

A lot of research and practice shows that trehalose can effectively protect the epidermal cell membrane structure,activate cells, skin conditioning, make the skin healthy and natural, flexible. Epidermal cells in the high temperature, cold, dry, strong UV radiation and other environments, easily lose moisture and make the skin damaged,trehalose in this case can form a special protective film in the cell surface to maintain the original nutrition of the skin.

 And moisture to prevent sunburn and melanin skin deposition, effectively resist the aging of the skin;mucus deposited from the membrane can gently moisturize the skin, so that the skin shiny, shiny, supple.

In addition, trehalose extracted from seaweed especially because of its unique growth environment,moisturizing effect is remarkable.

2013 Some well-known cosmetics companies at home and abroad, such as the Polaroid Ocean Water Power Series,Versace series of cosmetics, white series of cosmetics, Herbivore Trehalose activating water makeup series,Iversa series of cosmetics, etc. have trehalose products As a key product promotion.