The Mixture Of IMP And GMP

- Aug 05, 2019-

Molecular formula: C10H11N4Na2O8P

Molecular weight: 392.17

CAS No.: 4691-65-0

EINECS NO.: 225-146-4

Melting point: 175ºC

Description: Colorless to white acicular or rhombic prism shape crystals or crystalline powder


Nucleotide(I+G) also called I+G , we put its industrial top level I+G into operation . It is a mixture of IMP and GMP , a new generation of the food freshener . I+G is white or beige , crystal or powder . It can enhance the freshness of the food , and named " King of the Flavor.


Used in various foods such as soup, canned foods, sauces, ketchup, juice, frozen foods, hamburger, processed cheese, dressing, processed meats, snacks, etc.