Xanthan Gum

- Mar 22, 2019-

Xanthan gum in food applications

In a typical oil-in-water system, such as salad dressings or sauces, xanthan gum improves pumpability and adhesion, enhances mouthfeel and flavor release, long-lasting suspension of solid particles, and xanthan gum in strong acids or high Salt seasoning more shows its superior stability.

In baked goods, xanthan gum can make it increase the cellular bubble content, improve water retention, enhance the taste, fullness of flavor.

Daily-use products to take advantage of the stability of xanthan gum and shear control, giving the product stability, skeleton molding and good adhesion. Xanthan gum does not improve liquidity.

In frozen foods, in many freeze-thaw situations, xanthan gum provides good stability and water retention to reduce frozen crystals. Huangyuan resolutely give smooth taste, extend the shelf life and extraordinary high temperature performance.

In fruit drinks, xanthan gum has a very strong acid resistance and good compatibility with other additives, suspended pulp and flavor release. It provides a pleasant taste.

The rapid viscosity change of xanthan gum in hot or cold drinks makes it especially useful in low-calorie beverages.


Xanthan gum in petroleum and other industries

Xanthan Gum is an excellent oilfield drilling mud additive. Its unique high viscosity under low shear conditions allows low concentrations of drilling fluid to suspend solids. Xanthan gum retains its properties even in high-temperature, high-acid, alkaline and salt concentrations, which is especially important in offshore drilling or other harsh conditions.

Xanthan gum is suitable for tertiary recovery and oil recovery. Its extreme temperature resistance makes it a reliable oil displacement agent and a good mobility control agent.

Our research and development department has been committed to discover some other potential applications of xanthan gum.



Suspended solids and ceramic glazing. Whether it is manual or spray system, xanthan gum gives good fluidity;

For excessive spraying can reduce the fog to control the glaze to prevent embolization and walking;

Good control of the various colors in the colorful glaze.



Used to stabilize the carbon slurry. Control Sediments and Improve Foam Stability in Four Flotation Mining.



Watermark used in the given viscosity, permeability control and improve stability.



Suspension grinding material. Xanthan gum shear properties make the product easy to use and friction, improve product adhesion. And has a strong acid resistance.


Paints and Coatings:

For common latex paint and water-based water-based coatings to improve product flow. Xanthan gum can be suspended pigment. In the vertical plane of the paint, make the smooth appearance of the paint. Xanthan gum can effectively control the paint or paint, spreading paint or spraying. And effectively prevent infiltration.



In the paper industry, xanthan gum can control rheology very well under special procedures. It changes the temperature or shear changes effectively stabilize the outer coating, and effective suspension sizing and to avoid agglutination.



Xanthan gum use

Xanthan gum has a strong hydrophilicity, when it enters the water, the outermost layer is in contact with water, which immediately absorbs a large amount of water and expands the volume to form micelles, preventing other water from entering the inner layer, preventing the xanthan gum from playing its role. To do this, we must take the right approach:


Take one xanthan gum with 10 or more other dry ingredients, such as food production of sugar, salt, MSG and other substances and mix thoroughly, and then slowly poured into the stirring water, continue stirring until completely dissolved.