Anhydrous Sodium Pyrophosphate Food Powder

Anhydrous sodium pyrophosphate is colorless transparent crystal or white powder. The relative density is 1.824 and the melting point is 880℃. Soluble in water
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Anhydrous sodium pyrophosphate is colorless transparent crystal or white powder. The relative density is 1.824 and the melting point is 880℃. Soluble in water.

Electroplating industry for the preparation of electroplating bath, can form a platform with iron. Used as wool degreasing agent and bleaching agent in wool spinning industry. The paper industry is used for bleaching paper and vegetable fibers. Printing and dyeing industry for printing and dyeing, fine bleaching additives. Used as toothpaste additive in daily chemical industry, it can form colloid with calcium hydrogen phosphate and play a stabilizing role. It can also be used in the synthesis of detergents and the production of shampoo and other products. Used as water softener in water treatment. Used as rust remover in mechanical processing. Used as dispersant and emulsifier in chemical production. Can also be used in water treatment agent, oil drilling and other aspects, in the food industry as a quality improver, emulsifier, buffer, chelating agent, etc. Sodium pyrophosphate has the function of softening water, but also to re-dissolve calcium, magnesium insoluble salts, such as clothing fiber, insoluble calcium soap or other metal soaps formed dirt, it can make its re-dissolution and improve the decontamination ability. In addition, sodium pyrophosphate has a deflocculation effect, so that the oil emulsification, which is called the colloid properties. Also can make the surfactant solution further reduce the surface tension and interfacial tension, play a washing role

sodium pyrophosphate (123)


Appearancewhite crystalline powder
Assay(as Na2H2P2O7)%≥95
Loss on ignition(105℃) %≤0.5
Water Insoluble %≤1.0
Heavy metal (Pb)%≤0.002
Fluoride (as F) %≤0.005
PH Value3.5 ~ 4.5
Storagein the shade

sodium pyrophosphate (112)

Application :

It can complexate with metal ions. Its 1% aqueous solution has a pH of 10.0-10.2. It has the general properties of ordinary polymeric phosphate, namely emulsification, dispersion, prevent fat oxidation, improve protein binding, but also has the function of inhibiting food oxidation and fermentation under high pH value.

Be used for quality improver,:

it can improve the complexing metal ions, pH value and ionic strength of food, thus improving the food's binding force and water retention. It can be used for dairy products, poultry and fish products, meat products, ice cream and convenient Chemicalbook surface, the maximum dosage is 5.0g/kg; In canned, fruit juice (flavor) drinks and vegetable protein drinks, the maximum usage is 1.0g/kg. As whitening agent for compound potato starch, the maximum dosage is 0.025g/kg.

sodium pyrophosphate

(1) Canned poultry such as duck four treasures, mushroom duck wing and mushroom stewed duck are easy to release hydrogen sulfide in the heating process, and hydrogen sulfide reacts with iron ions in the tank to produce black iron sulfide, which affects the quality of finished products. The compound phosphate has a good chelating effect on metal ions and can improve the product quality.
(2) canned pork sausage, adding compound phosphate (sodium pyrophosphate 60%, sodium tripolyphosphate 40%) when cutting and mixing meat.
(3) used for fish meat products abroad, compound phosphate (sodium pyrophosphate 60%, sodium tripolyphosphate 40%).
(4) can be used as cheese melting agent, emulsifier, can make the calcium caseinate in cheese release calcium ions, increase the viscosity of casein, get soft, rich in extensibility products. Generally, sodium pyrophosphate, orthophosphate and metaphosphate are used in combination, and the dosage is not more than 0.9%(calculated by P).
(5) For soy sauce and soy sauce, the usage amount is about 0.005%~0.3%, which can prevent the Browning of soy sauce and improve the color and lustre

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