Anhydrous Trisodium Phosphate Crystal Powder

Anhydrous trisodium phosphate (Na3O4P)is white crystalline powder.used as a water softener, boiler scale remover, metal rust inhibitor, sugar cleaner.
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1.Pure crystalline fertilizer.

2.Using PA85%(Hot process) and Urea as raw materials to produce UP.

3.Fully soluble in water , easy absorbing, high efficiency, free of CI& Hormones or other detrimental elements.
4.Suitable for all crops, contains high N-percentage as urea,which make it more efficient source for both N&P at flowering stage.
5.Suitable to be used with irrigation water in povot,drip,NFT and sprinkler irrigation systems, and as foliar spray.
6.Accelerates maturity and increases crops yield and quality.
7.Boosts rooting and improves flowering.
8.Increases tillering and production of grain crops(wheat&rice)
9.Enhances the ability of drought, cold, disease and flood resistance.

trisodium phosphate (5)



Appearancewhite powder
Main content(%)≥97
P2O5 (%)≥ 18.3
Sodium oxide as Na2O (%)15.5 ~ 19
Sulphate (as SO42-) (%)≤ 0.5
Heavy metals (%)≤ 0.001
Lead (Pb) (%)≤ 0.0004
Fluoride (F) (%)≤ 0.005
Arsenic (as As) (%)≤ 0.0003
Ph of 10g/l watre solution11.5 ~12.5
Ignition loss45 ~ 57
Water insoluble (%)≤ 0.20
Storagein the shade

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Used as water softener and detergent, boiler scale remover, metal antirust agent, printing and dyeing fixative, enamel production flux and decolorizing agent, tanning and degumming agent, etc
Used as analytical reagent, water softener and metal cleaning agent
Used as water softener, boiler cleaner, metal antirust agent and used in paper making, leather, photography, etc.
Used in chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, power generation and other industries as a water softener and detergent, boiler scale inhibitor, water softener in paper dyeing, acid and alkali buffer for the production of waxed paper adhesives, color fixing agent in printing and dyeing, fabric mercerization enhancer, anti-brittle agent for thread making. Metallurgical industry used as chemical degreasing, decontamination, as an excellent accelerator in photographic development solutions. Tooth cleaner and bottle cleaner. A coagulant for rubber milk. Sugar purifier.
Phosphate plays a role in the quality improvement of food processing, such as in the meat products to maintain the water retention of meat, enhance the effect of binding force, so as to reduce the loss of nutrients in the meat and preserve the meat tenderness. It is also used as emulsifier, nutrient supplement and quality improver in food processing. It is the raw material for making noodles edible alkali water, and also used in the refining of granulated sugar and the manufacture of α-starch. Also used as a detergent for food bottles, cans, etc.

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