RBD Coconut Bulk Factory Price

RBD Coconut Bulk Factory Price

Type:Coconut Oil color:clear to yellow use :Cooking, skin care Processing Type:Refined Acid value mg/g:≤0.3 total arsenic(As) mg/kg:≤0.1 (Pb) mg/kg:≤0.1
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1. Supply directly, cheap price

2. Whitening, moisturizing skin, skin care

3. Repair hair,hair care


5. Massage

6. Lost weight

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1. Coconut oil has stable performance and does not need to be stored refrigerated. 
It can be placed for at least 2-3 years at room temperature.

2. Coconut oil is easily absorbed by the body

3. Beauty skin care

4. Hair care

5. Detoxification

6. Protect teeth

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Product Description

ltem    Standard    
Appearance      Paless clear liquid to white solid liquid 
Moisture&otherVolatilematter 0.11%    
Acid Value0.4    
lodine Value   5.76  
Saponification Value 252.8    
Peroxide value    0.19meq/100g    
Unsaponifiable matter   0.0096%   
Colorin1" cellLovibond Tintometer   0.5   
Refractive Indexat 40C            1.448    

CaproicAcid  0.350%
CapricAcid   6.03%    
CaprylicAcid     7.443%    
LauricAcid   48.984%    
Packing   20kg/carton    

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The coconut have four kind of style:Refined coconut/virgin coconut oil/fractiantion coconut oil and MCT coconut oil.

It used for detergents, resins, paints, textile oils, soaps, food, etc. 

2. It used for making soap, soap, glycerin, shampoo, liquid soap, fatty alcohol, alkanolamide and other surfactants. In the ink industry, used to produce coconut oil alkyd resin. 

3. Saponified as a foaming agent for shampoos, baths and various liquid soaps.

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