25kg/bag Maltodextrin Light Yellow Powder

Maltodextrin is a starch hydrolysate having a DE value of less than 20. It is between starch and starch sugar. It is a nutritive polysaccharide with low price, smooth taste and no taste. Maltodextrin is generally a mixture of various DE values. It can be a white powder or a concentrated liquid. The maltodextrin series products produced in various parts of China are produced by enzymatic process using corn, rice and the like as direct raw materials. Maltodextrin is widely used in confectionery, malt extract, fruit tea, milk powder, ice cream, beverages, canned foods and other foods. It is a filler and additive for various foods
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(1) When used in candy, it can increase the toughness of candy, prevent sand return and closing, and improve the structure. Reduce candy sweetness, reduce dental disease, reduce sticky tooth phenomenon, improve flavor, prevent deliquescence, extend shelf life, dosage is generally 10%~30%.
(2) for biscuits or other convenient food, full shape, smooth surface, bright color, good appearance effect. The products are crispy and delicious, with moderate sweet taste. They don't touch teeth at the entrance and don't leave residue. There are few defective products and long shelf life. The dosage of 5% ~ 10%.
(3) Maltodextrin in various canned or soups of food, the main role is to increase the consistency, improve the structure, appearance and flavor. Used in solid seasonings, spices, powder oil and other foods, plays a diluent, filling role, can prevent moisture caking, make the product easy to store. It can also play the function of substitute oil in powder oil.
(4) Adding maltodextrin to meat products such as ham and sausage can reflect the characteristics of strong viscosity and thickening, so that the products are delicate, rich in taste, easy to package and shape, and extend the shelf life. The dosage of 5% ~ 10%.

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Appearancewhite to light yellow powder
Smellspecial smell of maltdextrin and no exceptional smell
Tastesweetless or little sweetness, no other taste
Moisture (%)≤6
De-equivelent (%)10~15
Indine reactionno blue reaction
Solubility (%)98%~100%
Pathogenic bacteriumnot exist
Sulphated ash (%)≤0.6
PH Value (in 50% water solution)4.5 ~ 6.5
Storagein the shade

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