Tapioca Maltodextrin CAS 9050-36-6

Maltodextrin is used to improve the mouthfeel of food and beverage products.
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Tapioca Maltodextrin CAS 9050-36-6

Maltodextrin is used to improve the mouthfeel of food and beverage products.It is also used in some snacks such as potato chips and jerky. It is used in "light" peanut butter to reduce the fat content but keep the texture. Maltodextrin is also sometimes taken as a dietary supplement by athletes in powder form, gel packets, or energy drinks.

Maltodextrin is used as an inexpensive additive to thicken food products such as infant formula. It is also used as a filler in sugar substitutes and other products. Maltodextrin has a glycemic index ranging from 85 to 105.

1.Appearance: white powder

2.Package: 25 KG/BAG

3. Shelf life: 2 years

4.Storage: Kept in dry and cool place with original packaging, avoid moisture, store at room temperature.

Product name




Analysis results


White to light yellow crystalline powder, no impurity can be seen by naked eyes



No peculiar smell



No sweet or a little sweet, no peculiar smell.


DE value



Sulphated ash, %



PH value



Moisture, %



Solubility, %



Iodine test

No blue reaction



1. Confection 

Improving the taste, tenacity and the structure of foods; Preventing recrystallization and extending shelf life.  

2. Beverages 

The beverages are scientifically prepared with Maltodextrin, which add more flavor, soluble, consistent and delicious, and reduce sweet taste and cost. There are more advantages of these kinds of beverages than that of the traditional drinks and foods such as ice-cream, fast tea and coffee etc. 

3. In fast foods 

As a nice stuffing or carrier, it can be used in infant foods for improving their quality and health care function. It is beneficial to children.   

4. In tinned foods 

Add consistence, improve shape, structure, and quality. 

5. In paper making industries

Maltodextrin can be used in paper making industries as a bond materials because it has good fluidity and strong cohesion-tension. The quality, structure and shape of the paper can be improved.

6. In chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Maltodextrin can be used in cosmetic that may have more effect to protect skin with more luster and elasticity. In toothpaste production, it can be used as a substitute for CMC. The dispersivity and stability of pesticides will be increased. It is a good excipient and stuffing material in pharmacon making.

7. In dewatered vegetable

It can help the maintenance of the original color and luster, addsome flavor.

8. More application fields

Maltodextrin is also widely used in other fields besides the foods industries.

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