Anticoagulant Vitamin E Oil Powder

Vitamin E comes in powder and oil shapes.Vitamin E is a fat-soluble Vitamin that hydrolyzes tocopherol, one of the most important antioxidants. More soluble in fat and ethanol and other organic solvents, insoluble in water, stable to heat, acid, alkali unstable, sensitive to oxygen, not sensitive to heat.Vitamin E can inhibit the lipid peroxidation in the lens of the eye, make peripheral blood vessels dilate, improve blood circulation, prevent the occurrence and development of myopia.
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VE(vitamin E) is found in oils, fruits, vegetables and grains.Vitamin E, also known as tocopherol, is a fat-soluble organic compound. There are eight known to have similar physiological functions, four of which are more important. Commonly known as V-E, it refers to alpha-tocopherol.

VE 3

VE (3)


1. Effectively reduce the generation of wrinkles, keep the appearance of youth.
2. Reduce oxygen consumption of cells, make people more durable, and help to reduce leg cramps and stiffness of hands and feet.

3. Anti-oxidation protects body cells from free radical toxicity.

4. Improve lipid metabolism and prevent coronary heart disease.

5. Excellent for anti-aging, anti-cancer, and organic degenerative diseases.
6. Prevent inflammatory skin diseases and alopecia.
7. Improve sexual coldness, irregular menstruation and infertility.
8. Powerful antioxidants that protect your body's organs.
9. Inhibit lipid peroxidation and formation of free radicals.
10. Regulate hormones and activate the pituitary gland.
Prevention and treatment of thyroid diseases. (Too much or too little thyroid gland)
12. Improve blood circulation, protect tissues, lower cholesterol and prevent hypertension.
Vitamin E is an important vasodilator and anticoagulant.
Prevention and treatment of varicose veins.
15. Prevents blood clotting and reduces the production of spotted tissue.
16. Prevent hemolytic anemia, protect red blood cells from breaking.
17. Reduce the oxygen demand of cells to maintain vitality, endurance and endurance.
18. Strengthen liver cell membrane, protect alveolar cells, reduce the risk of lung and respiratory infection.
19. Delay aging, prevent cancer and prevent many chronic diseases.
20. Protect skin from uv and pollution, and reduce scar and pigment deposition.
21. Speed up the healing of wounds.
22. Can be involved in the synthesis of cell DNA.
23. It plays an important role in the synthesis of hormones.


Cosmetic effect
(1) To maintain the beauty of youth, through the supplement of appropriate vitamins to achieve the purpose of beauty, skin care, delay aging, is a fresh and natural fashion trend in recent years.
(2) An essential nutrient for good health, vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, also known as tocopherol, and is one of the most important antioxidants.

(3) Protect the skin, make the skin elastic, vitamin E can stabilize the protein active structure of the cell membrane, promote the normal development of muscles and maintain the elasticity of the skin, make the skin and the body keep the vitality; The entry of vitamin E into the skin cells can directly help the skin fight against free radicals, ultraviolet rays and pollutants, and prevent the skin from losing elasticity to aging due to some chronic or hidden damage.

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